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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

HSLDA Finally gives Comment on California Ruling against Homeschoolers

This is an update from my accusation yesterday that HSLDA has remained mum on the new rulings in California against a homeschooling family.

Well HSLDA finally did give a comment and called it an Unfortunate Court Decision in California and said that they are "looking at the background of the case to determine the implications of this particular decision by the Second Appellate District for the homeschool community in California."

As someone at homeschool hackers suggested, the problem likely comes in the fact that there are abuse accuations against the parents... Still, if there is abuse, homeschooling still should not be vilified.

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Anonymous said...

I swear homeschooling is vilified in cases like these almost as if abuse ONLY happens in homeschool families. Burns me up!

Anonymous said...

Check out the HSLDA website for new updates on the case and what you can do about it!