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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Looking for a Preschool Curriculum

I see many email groups and blog questions asking for advice on preschool curriculum. I ran across the same question on this rather cool blog today.

Personally I feel using the words "Curriculum" and 'preschool" together is an oxymoron. It's pre-school... curriculum's is school-school. When you are homeschooling, the first thing I believe you should teach a child is to love education. To get a child to love education, it's a great idea to not let them know they are actually learning anything.... (unless the concept has already been driven home by older siblings and relatives).

Learning for preschool age children should be as natural as breathing, playing, and picking their noses.

If I'd had the courage and opportunity to homeschool my kids beginning from preschool, we would have played games, stacked alphabet block, counted from charts on the wall, and played fun video games like Reader Rabbit, and read them lots of books.... WAIT. We did do all of that and more at home... and then I sent them to preschool anyway... sigh.

I hope you all get my point... for preschool, curriculum is not really necessary. It is just an extension of growing and being a kid. If public preschool is good for anything it is teaching kids to sit still and listen to prepare them to learn in the coming years.

So I've had my say.

If you still feel that curriculum for your preschoolers is absolutely necessary, consider some of these books:

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