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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Notes for today: blogging to learn & then some

I mentored a homeschooled boy a couple of years ago who had a lot of work to do in the language arts area.  In a very short time, we (his mother and I) managed to turn him into a very good writer.  He was soooo good in fact that his college essays were primarily the factor that got him into college.  How did we do it?  We encouraged blogging.  So when I came across this site today, I had to recommend it to you.  

Stop homeschooling preschoolers!  Let them play and they will learn.    At most, get them some games that are educational in nature. 

The first step to winning a debate is to always respect your opponent.  I don't think we can call what was on TV last night a debate.  ...And then there's rule #4.  Don't confuse passion with hatred.  I think maybe we should bring debating back into childhood education. 

Another case of schools over-reacting: "A few weeks into the school year at Jordan Middle School, school officials took note of Colman's medical history, information that eventually was shared with another Jordan parent whose two children have classic cystic fibrosis and are predisposed to chronic lung infections. "The school district freaked out," Colman's mother said."  And asked him to transfer to another school.  The family is homeschooling until the issue get's straightened out.  Read more:  Once again, people have to realize that schools are not interested in what is best for the individual student.  Sometimes what is best for the school, school districts, etc, can be very detrimental to the child.  This is why the option to homeschool is so important. 


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