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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homeschooling chores I will no longer have to do

I just got an email about paying for registration for next year's homeschool program.  I stared at it for a minute, wondering when I should pay and then realized.... I'm done with that.  No more homeschool classes.  Wow.

Other things that I won't be doing anymore... with my kids anyway:

  • Late night curriculum preparations, so kid can start homeschooling at a decent time the next morning. 
  • Driving an hour for a 1 hour class or rehearsal, then driving back home. 
  • Hanging out in coffee shops to kill time while my kids are in classes.
  • Deciding between a traditional science class, or letting the child explore science from cooking or nature.  
  • Trying to find reading material focussed on a child's personality.
  • Spending a week matching a history and literature curriculum up chapter for chapter, so they are studying the same topics in both subjects. 
  • Answering an asked question, only to be dismissed before I am done talking because the kid now "gets it".
  • No more carpool (which I am sure sounds strange for a homeschooler).  But if kids who live in the same general area have to go to the same place on the other side of the county, why not carpool?
  • No more drama club costuming or set building.  In college, parents are no longer needed for this chore... students and teachers do it themselves. 
  • No more drama club parent duties.  I don't have to sell ads, I don't have to sell tickets.  I don't have to sell concessions.  I will send out an email to let folks know when daughter is in a play, and will go see said play. 
  • I won't be spending this summer belly-aching over next year's curriculum choices. 
  • I won't have to even talk about homeschooling to strangers who ask the simple question: "Where do your kids go to school. 
Sigh, I may miss some of it, but other items, I will be glad to put in my past. 



Happy Elf Mom said...

Yeah, what will you do with all that time??

Here I have a preschooler and a kid in college but then I couldn't imagine having all six at once!!

Ahermitt said...

Haven't figured out how I will spend my time, still trying to sort that out.

Yes... 2 in college is not going to be fun financially, but when it is done, it is done.

Dani Byham said...

Wow! What an accomplishment! I just got excited when Bella made her own lunch for school today :-)

Ahermitt said...

Enjoy each milestone Dani... I'd swear it was all a blur.

Karen said...

Oh, A, you know you will miss it!

I'm looking forward to finding out what comes next for you...