I ordered Home Chef and Hello Fresh. Here is how it went.

Last week I subscribed to two meal delivery, make the food yourself, including chop up a lot of veggies meal plans. One was Hello Fresh, the other is Home Chef.

Imma start by saying that 4 out of 5 meals are delicious! What I didn't like is the Asian fusion type of meals.  I am very picky about ethnic foods.  I don't want American Fusion versions, I want the real thing, but anyway.  I ordered 2 meals from Hello Fresh, and four Meals from Home Chef. 

Hello Fresh was set to arrive Monday, and Home Chef Tuesday.  I was really perturbed to know that my meals from Hello Fresh went on the truck at 4am and at 7pm had not arrived yet.  I was concerned about spoilage, and the fact that my dinner that night was pretty much cheese...  But it finally came at 7:45 and I cooked the Asian fusion dish, (Pineapple pork rice bowls) and it was OK.  Just OK.   The next day, the Home Chef box showed up super early but I went ahead and cooked the final Hello Fresh meal (Little Ears Pasta)... it was soooo good, and generous servings.  My family of big eaters ate this for two days. (we had a 4 meal plan and hubby was out of town, but we basically got 5 decent servings out of it. 


I have made two threeHome Chef meals so far.  Pork Tenderloin was very basic and a few more steps than I like to take.  The Asain meatballs once again missed the true Asian mark, but they were still surprisingly good. Stuffed poblano peppers (stuffed with jerk chicken thigh) was one of the best things I had ever tasted, but the 90 minutes I stood standing between the island, stove, and oven, on a Friday night, made me question my sanity. 

I didn't cancel fast enough to not get Home Chef meals next week and it is costing about $150 to get 16 servings... 4 meals for 4 people for next week.

I put Hello Fresh on hold to think about it for a minute.. It is $69 for two meals for 4 people so that is a little bit less.... by about a dollar a serving.

Want to try it yourself?  Here are coupons:

Notes from the peanut gallery:

Hubby on everything he has been home to eat or taste: This is delicious, thank you. 

21 year old daughter: Not bad... I can say it is a much more diverse menu than I would eat on my own. 

23 year old son; nom nom nom (seconds) nom nom nom (finished the dishes for lunch the next day) nom nom nom. 

Me.  I hate chopping vegies.  I hate browning meat. I hate cooking.  Hey this is good.  Can I do this cheaper?  Maybe, maybe not.

Maybe I will try this one next.

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