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Sunday, June 17, 2018

College Prep Homeschooling: 8th grade History and Language Arts

The series continues- College Prep Homeschooling: 8th-grade history and language arts.

I teach these two subjects as one cohesive unit.  Find out how. Find out why.

 Here are the notes from the video

White paper on weaving literature into social studies; Book lists for novels set in other countries for children and teens. In addition to reading for Language Arts, students should be using a grammar/writing workbook. Here are some good options. Editor in Chief, Critical Thinking Company SAT Reading and Writing Prep Holt McDougal World Geography (Teachers version) Holt McDougal World History The Critical Thinking Company, World History Detective has online questions that your student can answer for many of the novels you can choose. Summary: Tying Language Arts and History together. 1. Choose a book textbook or history curriculum. 2. Go through the table of contents and pick books according to the geographical area and possibly the time period being covered. At least one book per unit or for every 3 or 4 chapters. 3. Have the student read the books at the same pace that they go through the history units 4. Use unit tests and a final term paper to grade history. 5. Use a language arts/grammar and writing workbook or test prep book to grade the students language arts, in addition to questions and answer on the novels or book reports. Also grade on final term paper looking specifically at grammar, and format of the paper. CLEP by college board, *Disclosure: I will use affiliate links from time to time, including Amazon links. I endeavor to always find the lowest price for anything I recommend and I only link to items I believe in.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

College Prep Homeschooling 8th grade math

Here is my second video of the series

Here are the links I mentioned.

I talk about a few curriculums here, but I prefer you go through some curriculum reviews and choose for yourself. My preference, however, is Khan Academy, and even if you use another curriculum, I like to use Khan Academy as a supplement. Why? It teaches to mastery, and it is FREE. But to be fair, I will be linking some curriculum reviews that could be helpful to you. Teaching textbooks review: Teaching textbooks: The good, the bad, and the ugly Khan Academy review: Saxon math review: ALEKS MATH

Friday, June 15, 2018

College Prep Homeschooling - a guide

You know how I have been saying what feels like a decade that I was going to write a homeschool book?  I have written, re-written, scrapped and started over a dozen times. 


My 30ish days of homeschool videos has prompted me to get this done.  I am currently going step by step into college prep homeschooling and am writing a guide along side of it... so, yep.  A goal being accomplished!

Here is the link to the first video:

Thursday, June 14, 2018

What happened in that last year of public school after we made our intentions to homeschool clear

Let's just say, that once we verbalized our intent to homeschool, things got interesting.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Our journey into homeschooling

It took a while from the time I started learning about homeschooling to when we actually did it.

This video shows our awkward journey.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Why we homeschooled

I don't know if I ever told the full story about why we homeschooled our children. It was so many years, ago, but the journey to homeschooling will always stay with me. 

Some people homeschool for religious reasons. Some homeschool for academic reasons. Some feel that homeschooling protects their child. Why did you decide to homeschool?

So why did you decide to homeschool your children?

Monday, June 11, 2018

5 steps for transitioning from homeschool to college

The first question asked on my youtube videos was:

How do you transition from homeschool to college.

Here are the highlights

Step 1. Set their habits. Get them used to the amount of work required in college by demanding that from them early.
Step 2. Prepare for standardized tests.

Step 3. Take the standardized tests... a lot.
Step 4. Figure out what the best colleges for your children are (that will scholarship them) based on their test scores.
Step 5. Let them go happily with joy and celebration... save the crying for later!

Here is the video

Monday, August 06, 2012

Gabby Douglas, Hair, and Homeschooling

Gabby Douglas, the athlete who just won multiple gold medals in the Olympics is a buzzing topic right now... because of the state of her hair. Wow. This makes me angry because too many of use are out of shape and unhealthy because we are worried about our hair. This young athlete has her priorities in order. Yes, her hair doesn't look like she just came from the salon, but have you seen how far that child can fly!

Monday, July 09, 2012

The Dangers of Homeschooling

 Staying in the theme of my last guest post, here is a fun video called The Dangers of Homeschooling.  Enjoy


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Count down to graduation (video)

Video Summary:

Sharing my excitement about our upcoming graduation ceremonies this weekend.
The college admissions process was actually pretty easy, and my best tip is to apply early.
We've come a long way from the depressed child we pulled out of public school over 8 years ago.

We are very happy to be graduating our first homeschooler... one more to go- next year!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday, August 07, 2011

There will be a lot more videos

I am now allowed monitization with YouTube so there will be a lot more videos.
I just realized that I used to preach about using public school resources for homeschooling, but we are now using them.

Never say never huh?

I do feel comfortable with using individual classes with Georgia Virtual School because it is not an online school, but online classes, so that parent still controls the students schedule and is responsible as their "principal".

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Marcia Gay Harden on Homeschooling (video)

As she sees it:

Children learn more in their travels
We cram too much information into children
What about family time?
Not against public school, but is enjoying the homeschool experience

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Late night vlogarama

Decided to do a late night vlog while watching late night TV.
~about making videos and graduating homeschoolers.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I don't like this language arts curriculum at all (video)

I am not going to go on about it, the video says it all. 

But I just wish I could find a good quality language arts program for 11th and 12 grades. 

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

TV Schoolhouse

I love to use visual aids and movies as much as possible to teach students and illustrate points. is just getting started, but they are building a library of "old school" educational films.  I was especially enthralled by the full length version of the movie Nineteen Eighty Four... an excellent addition to studying the book!

Their tag line is: "A free and fun way to support your classroom or homeschool curriculum using time-proven Educational Films, Newsreels, TV Shows, PSAs, and Movies from the past."

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An appeal to dropouts and kids who are thinking about it (video)

Video Tuesdays Entry:

I have a special place in my heart for kids struggling to finish highschool. Students who have dropped out, who are in the process of dropping out, or thinking about

Friday, August 20, 2010

How to get started homeschooling

I was prepared for this video to be awful. The reason is that I keep coming across how-to homeschool articles and advice written by people who haven't the foggiest clue on how to homeschool... it drives me crazy.

Anyway, this video is concise, and well informed.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Homeschool Funny (video)

Way  funny homeschool skit:

I only homeschool two kids so I am not going to confess to having a day like this one, but sometimes my kids display the habits of the two older girls.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't listen to the misinformed

So I received a phone call from a new homeschoolers who was told that if she handn't already filed her homeschooling forms that she could be arrested.

That is the kind if misinformation and alarmist reactions that scare people away from homeschooling. I gave her the correct information she needed, but I made a video to vent.

The moral of the story is, don't let random educators (who are not intimately aware of homeschooling) to give you homeschooling advice. Chances are they will be wrong.

My guess is this person got their information from the fact that a local homeschooling mom was arrested last year for educational neglect. They had been "homeschooling" for years and had not filed any paperwork or done any testing. (If I remember correctly, there were some other illegal things going in the house too).

So please, don't let peopel scare you... check with a homeschooling expert

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