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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In defense of the homeschool blog

I read what must have been the longest blog post ever, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Timothy Power of Sometimes I am Actually Coherent laid some ground rules for commenting on his blog.

It seems his family members got under his skin, and into his blog and wreaked havoc in the comments section. I think this is why my family members don't know much about my blogs. If they did, where would I complain when they got on my nerves?!

Anyway, in setting his ground rules, he also manages to relay his respect for teachers and demands respect for his decision to blog his own kids.

I would have left a comment, but apparently he has had enough for now, and shut off comments for that post.

In the end, what his post relayed to me the most is that in homeschooling, no one is trying to take anything away from public schools, and in homeschooling blogging, no one is trying to shame public schools. We, the homeschool bloggers are here to share with other homeschoolers and support those who choose to do the same. Period.

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Dawn said...

My family doesn't really visit my blog either. I've invited them to read it but nobody does.

On Timothy Power, poor guy. :) His family sounds like a bright bunch but not very rational when it comes to the issue of school and homeschooling.

Ahermitt said...

Fortunately most of my family is not internet savvy! The rest are too busy for the net!

Barbara Frank said...

Ever since my mother-in-law told me she found my blog and reads it occasionally, I've felt I had to be careful what I wrote about :0

Re: what homeschool bloggers do, I have to be honest and say that I do go after the public schools in my blog. I never sent a child to school until my son went to college, so I was very out of it when it came to knowing what goes on in public schools. Now that I'm learning what we missed out on, I'm sometimes so shocked that I have to comment on it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :)

Ahermitt said...

Barbara, there is a difference between commenting on public schools shortfalls, and using them as punching bags. I make comments all the time.