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Monday, February 25, 2008

Homeschool Programs: Masters Academy of Fine Arts

I have often mentioned that my homeschooled kids attend a homeschool "school" type program. With a new location opening up in Texas, I thought I would take the time to tell you more about it.

Masters Academy of Fine Arts is a program that entwines the arts with history so that the child is immersed in history. Each year a different historic period is covered. There are six periods in all and each year the child will learn a different history. If a student stays in the school 12 years, he will go through each time period twice, at different levels, of course.

My children have been in the program since our second year of homeschooling. This is their fourth year in the program. My daughter takes the fine arts/history program, and my son has moved up to the Artios program for high school and is concentrating on film design. He plans to study Multimedia design in college. In addition, our location also has a program called Cordis, where the kids also take their academic classes which include Math, Science, More History combined with Literature, Grammar, and foreign language. In addition to this they belong to the Chorus and Drama Clubs. They spend two FULL days a week at the location and their schedule resembles that of a college student than a traditional school student.

While the program started here in the Atlanta area, there are numerous Masters Academy Locations.

You can find Masters locations in Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, North Caroline, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Capetown South Africa.

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