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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where we homeschool

Nerd Mom at NerdFamily asked the question, where do you homeschool. I will start with where we don't homeschool. This is my kitchen table... We only use it for eating. It is usually too sticky for any other uses.
This next picture is where I keep all of our homeschooling materials. It is the sitting area of our bedroom. The room is very long, like a bowling ally, so I put the bed in the center of the room using the large headboard as a divider. I made the back half of the room my office. I used to use the home office, but my husband kicked me out so he could work from home... he rarely uses it though.
You can see my video camera set up on the table for you-tube-ing.

Next you will find my daughter in her favorite spot. Wrapped up in a blanket like a cucoon on the floor in the great room. She does the majority of her work here. (Don't tell her I took this picture of her with a wrap on her head!
My son's favorite space is in the basement where he plays with the dogs in between subjects.
So This is where we homeschool... when we are at home anyway.
Yes. My primary mode of exercise is running up and down the stairs from my office area where I work, to the great room where my daughter is to the basement for my son. I make them come to me when they need help as well.

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