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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Homeschool Blogging A-Z: W is for Waving at the bus

When we started homeschooling many years ago, we also started a tradition of waving at the school bus.  At first, we would wave and smile while mumbling the word SUCKERS!  but my kids began to get rude about it, so I had to squash that part.  Now we just smile and wave and maybe say something like "better you than me".

Having ridden the school bus for 2 years before quitting school, my kids are truly glad to not have to crawl out of bed and onto a bus with kids, many of whom were not very pleasant, especially in the morning.

Speaking of waving at the bus, this kid (and his bus mates) must be the ONLY kids alive who enjoy riding the school bus, thanks to this wacky dad's antics. 

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Happy Elf Mom said...

Ya know, that has to be one of the most hilarious blogs ever and when I saw your title I WONDERED if you'd pull that out... lol