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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guest posts, blog spammers, and other housekeeping

 So, It's clearly time to spell out some policies:

Guest posts:  As of June 2017, I have decided to severely limit guest posts.  The requests are getting out of hand and I feel like the posts that are sent to me are not really what I am looking for in a guest post.  For the few I accept I will look for the following:

What I look for in a guest post:
  • Writer must be a homeschooling parent, homeschooling student, or former homeschooling student. 
  • Relevance to homeschoolers, as in you have something concrete to offer homeschoolers whether it be subject specific, experience specific, a unique perspective or something of that nature. 
  • Uplifting topic, as in I don't want to read another article about the downfalls or problems in homeschooling.  We know what they are and how to overcome them.  Any guest posts I choose must be uplifting. 
  • Pre-written blog post.  I know it is a pain, but I won't even give a tentative yes unless you submit the post you have in mind.  If I don't like it, you can always put it on your own blog or use it somewhere else. This way, I don't have to guess as to whether I will like a hypothetical blog post. 
  • Submit guest posts requests to and write GUEST POST in the subject line.
 What I don't want in a guest post:
  • Advice from anyone who doesn't truly understand homeschooling
  • Posts from commercial sites.  Please don't submit a post with a link to a commercial sites.   
  • Keep in mind that I will place a PAID text or button ad on my site if you are just looking for advertising.  
Speaking of advertising, we must mention....

Blog spammers: Blog spammers have gotten out of control. For that reason, I have had to put comments on moderation.  My blog is not here to promote your website, regardless of what it is.  I will let a few comments through that links back to a website, but guys, do you have to be so obvious that the only reason you are commenting is to get traffic back to your sites?  I will delete those.  Don't abuse the comment section, and your comment will stand.  Once again, if you want to place a PAID ad on my site, just contact me.



Happy Elf Mom said...

Oh, I've been getting weird notes about some "how to pick a nursing home" place. And I don't even respond to that. Why inbox me? Some of these people must be spamming millions of addresses in the hopes of hitting upon that one dum-dum who will let them use the blog for free.

Ahermitt said...

I actually get some good guest posts which is good because I don't always have something to say and want to keep the blog populated, but the obvious ones really burn me up.