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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Indeterminate Asymmetry ...or breast screening terror

So I had my call back mammogram today.  I tried to not think of it much since I got my tests back a few days ago and was told that I had an indeterminate asymmetry, or in other words, something was wonky with one of my breasts.

So they warned my that the visit would be 2-4 hours, and it was. Another mammogram, this time the technician was much more grim than the last, and avoided eye contact... great.

Then I went in for an ultrasound.  

I had one ultrasound.

Then I had another ultrasound.

Then I waited in an exam room on a table alone for a half hour for the doctor who did another ultrasound.

All the time, I was staring at a spot on the screen that definately showed that there was something in my breast that did not necessarily belong there.  In the final exam with the doctor,  after he probed my breast using a lot of pressure with the ultrasound machine, then he told me not to worry, it didn't look like cancer, but he just wanted to look at the photos more closely to make sure.

In the end, and one very sore boob later, it was determined that my indeterminate asymmetry is a small cluster of tiny cysts and nothing to worry about.  There is no fluid around the cysts, so they were pretty sure there is no cancer.   I have to have a yearly mammogram from now on to keep an eye on it.

In other news, I get to address the case of the missing ovaries tomorrow.  I ALREADY know I have cysts there, but my ultrasound came back with no sign of my ovaries at all.  Apparently, they are hiding.

I'm going to repeat this from an earlier post. Don't let homeschooling be a reason to neglect your health.   In my case, first, I stopped going due to poor insurance during a period of unemployment and under-employment for hubby... I didn't go back because homeschooling was far more exciting than going to the doctor, and I always had some more important homeschooling thing that I wanted to do.

I should have had a mammogram 5 years ago and regularly since then.  What if the problem was more serious than benign cysts?

Till next time...


Happy Elf Mom said...

It can be very, very hard to keep up with regular appointments. I hope you are ok, that the cysts are not too big. Mine was almost 4 pounds and almost the size of a football. So, I lost that ovary, and all my children are from my right ovary. Imagine if I had both, right?? :)

But that was the huuuuge incision mark that popped out later/gave me hernias.

I was popping over to tell you a huge spider is in the middle of the picture. I didn't know all this was going on, and had no idea you were ill, at all. :(

Ahermitt said...

I wouldn't say I was sick Happy, and I doubt I have large ovarian cysts, especially since they can't find my ovaries at all... More about that later... I am trying to get a diagnosis for PCOS, which doctors have been ignoring for years, burning somehow, and thankfully my 17 yr old girl was able to get proper diagnosis and treatment, so she won't have to deal with all this when she is older.

Happy Elf Mom said...

I just read your other article. If ovaries don't migrate, they certainly don't disappear. And maybe they didn't migrate but you are built slightly differently; it DOES happen and these doctors are stupid. :/

Happy Elf Mom said...

How could they disappear but not migrate? Migration has to be more sensible. Have these docs never played peek-a-boo as babies? Even a baby (if he could talk) would tell you that Mom is behind the blanket. Matter can't be created or destroyed bla bla and bla.

Ahermitt said...

My plumbing is atypical, as evidenced by the placement and malformation of my uterus that was removed a dozen years ago... I'm seeking a better doctor, and hospital, because all the doctors in my area use the same clinic for running tests.