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Sunday, September 14, 2014

I don't GET designer purses, and I don't GET boxed curriculum either

In shifting my mindset for living (even if only part time) in NYC, I have inventoried my belongings and am considering what I am bringing with me and what I am leaving here.  I looked at my purses, and then I threw some away... maybe I should just get a money clip and skip the purses, I thought, but perhaps, just for special occasions, maybe my old Coach purses will do.

Burberry bags $500-$3000 +
So I took them out, and polished them, and ordered new hang tags, and wrapped them lovingly.  But then I asked, what is the big deal with designer purses? Sure hubby purchased them for me as a gift because women he worked with insisted his wife should have these purses... and I used them for a couple of years, and then put them in the closet, because they cost too much to throw away even though I was tired of them, and because they were still in excellent condition.

I started researching designer purses, and if my old Coach bags still even qualify as such.  I found that they are lower cost designer, and vintage at that (since I've had them over 10 years), so ... cool.  But while these purses probably cost a couple hundred dollars each, other purses that classify as designer start at 400 and go up to thousands of dollars.
 Apparently, these purses are some kind of status symbol and woman with more than a modest income MUST have them, or at least a decent knock off.  Well, that really grossed me out!  Why would I want to purchase a fake bag to look like I could drop a couple grand on a real one.  Who cares?!  Plus, if I spent $3000 on the real thing, then would people assume it was a fake?  Yes, I think I will stick with the money clip or my vintage Coaches for special occasions!

After all that thinking and pondering over my purse situation, my mind wandered over to curriculum. Every time someone found out I homeschooled, if they weren't repulsed, they asked what curriculum we used.  I never, ever had a straight answer. We have used a couple of "name brand" math curriculums here and there, and I was never really that impressed with them.  I did use Time4Learning for younger grades, but that was pretty customizable.  But, once we got to middle and high school years, all the names that people threw out, and all the new great must-have curriculums just failed to impress me.  I didn't see the point on spending all that money just to be able to say I used a certain curriculum.  Much like designer purses, I had no loyalty to name brand, and eventually settled into what was provided online, mostly for free.  It really did work out just fine... much like a money clip.
Like this but more sedate

In the end, I picked up a wristlet (wallet with a loop for the wrist) for every day use, and it is technically a designer wristlet, though I paid only $15.00 for it at Ross Stores.  (((My old wallet was garbage. )))  I guess, in the end, I am a slave to fashion to some point, but if fashion comes with high price tags, I'm gonna pass.

(just fyi... the transition to NYC is on hold as some re-organization is going on...  Of course, now that I wholeheartedly have embraced it. I guess we will see how it progresses)


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

When I was a kid, I was told you need to always bring your real money around in your sock if you go to the city. :)

You could just keep stuff you don't want to the side and have a huge garage sale next spring!

jugglingpaynes said...

No one ever asked me about curriculum, but college? Yikes. Lots of opinions, and many in the area flaunt decals of their children's colleges on their car windows, much like they might flaunt a designer purse. :)

Ahermitt said...

Good point!! We don't use name-brand colleges either... Folks do find that baffling.