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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

GETTing shafted in NYC

update: GETT gave me a partial refund, but would not communicate with me. 

It's been some kind of week.  I wrote about the problem with Time Warner and Acceller in my last post.  I am waiting for my reimbursement that was promised AFTER I wrote a blog about it, tweeted it, and forwarded it to Acceller.

So everyone knows not to trust Time Warner, that is not a big surprise. But what about your friendly hot dog vendor.  A couple of days into my first trip to NY to apartment hunt back in April, or was it May, I heard about the following new story where a hot dog vendor was caught charging $30.00 for a hot dog.  This was the day after I paid $6.00 for a hot dog and a Snaffle.  I found out later that should have cost me $3 to $4 and prices should have been posted.  I walked by that same vendor yesterday, and I really wanted to punch him.  I'm just tired of people being dishonest like that.

Update of GETT situation, (below) no one would speak to me about it, but I did get a $9.00 refund in my account.  The chances of me using this service again is low... I do have a coupon for a $10.00 ride, which I may use to give them a second chance... maybe. 

Speaking of dishonesty and over charging, GETT, a car service/App similar to Uber and LYFT
overcharged me this morning on my trip to the airport.  I am just so livid right now.

Let me start from the beginning.

I ordered the car before I went to bed. I was estimated a ride of $31.00 to go to Laguardia from the Wall St Area of NY.  I thought that was great.  Since UBER does not take preset rides, I chose to go ahead and order the car from GETT.  As was promised, I got a notification at 20 minutes to 4 that my car was on its way.  I gathered my adult kids that were with me and we were walking out of the front door of our building at 4:50.  At that moment, I looked at my iPhone to see that the car said it had arrived... before my 4pm appointment time.  It took a second to find my BLACK CAR because it was WHITE.  I thought that was curious and disappointing as the service promises a black car (or is that a euphemism) and even charged a black car tax??? sooo... white car... but I checked the plate and it matched, so fine.

Now, to recoup it was five minutes to 4 when we took off in the car. I know this because my husband texted me at 4:01 after he'd gone back up to the apartment and we were well into the ride... and I we continued to post my entire trip.  Here is a screen shot. Notice my comment on the person's driving. He literally drove down the middle of two lanes, down the dotted line most of the trip.  Got us there in record time, but little did I suspect his accounting would blow the actual unnatural trip times out of the water!

Here is the screen shot of the trip he recorded and what he charged me.  Notice, that he said my trip started at 4:05 when we got to the airport at 4:18, and we did get to the airport at 4:18.  Here's the problem.  It normally takes 28-30 minutes to get to said airport.  He is claiming it took 14 minutes to get to the airport... it actually took 23.

But wait!  If you look at my invoice, you will see he not only charged my for making him wait 6 minutes (first 3 minutes free, following minutes $1.00 each), but he also charged me for a stop. If I had stopped say for 5 minutes... cuz I couldn't do anything in less than 5 minutes, then he would have gotten me to the airport in 9 minutes.  Funny, I don't remember an S on the drivers chest. He was not Superman, nor was he driving a light speed rail.  It is impossible for the trip he charged me for to even happen.

So let's go over the lies and what they cost me.
1.  The tip started at 4:05, vs 4:55 after which he waited 6 minutes  $3.00
2.  I stopped somewhere, at some time in this very fast trip $5.00
3.  The car was black... it was not, it was a white Toyota Camry $1.12 (this is negotiable, black car means any kind of car for hire, but the description on the car was black and it was not.
4.  Based on the lies, and unsafe driving, I want my tip back. I think I deserve it. I will never set a pre-set tip again either. $5.58

So if I ignore the black car tax, GETT owes me $13.58 back.

So why am I writing this blog instead of just calling the company to complain.  Well, I did that.  They seemed to agree with me, but offered a $10.00 credit toward my next ride.  At the time, I wasn't even asking for the tip back, and told them, no, just give me my $8.00.   So the person then says that will take 3-5 business days.

Wait a minute.  You overcharged me immediately.  Do I really have to wait a week to be reimubursed?, I asked.  Yes, he responded.  I have no power over it, it the the way the company works.  Well, you lost my business I said, and we said, sorry, and we hung up.  To pour more salty into my already salty wound, I received an email that said

Gett NYC Support Inquiry [#25269], Refund for a stop charge and wait time on order 1650994 ... Thanks for reaching out. We’re looking into it and you’ll hear from us within three days at most.
In the meantime, feel free to email us with any other questions.
Happy riding!
The Gett Team

That made me really mad because they didn't even verify that they had promised to refund me.  It just basically says "we'll let you know."  Well, I call BS!

At this point, I will never use the service again, will call a yellow cab, and will warn others against this service. And... I demand satisfaction.

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