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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The "move" back from NYC (More Anger and Loathing)

UPDATE: There is a God in heaven.  I was contacted by the insurance adjuster.  I will get cash value for my broken items. Wow.  ...wonder why???...

Sept 30... 2nd update.  Insurance appraiser came by today... I think he is going to recommend they pay me to have the sofa repaired, but the rest, I might actually get paid for.  We shall see.

Final update:  I got a check for 1135.  Enough to get someone to repair some items (they will never be the same) and to replace my desk/console.  These guys are the worst. Everything on their website is a lie.  They went out of their way to try to rip me off and when I did not fall for it, they purposely destroyed my stuff.


Yes, we moved back from NYC and ended the adventure, that's a story for another post.  In the meanwhile, the moving company decided to keep things interesting.

I'm gonna be petty now and copy and paste my claim for my broken items.

(leaving out personal information)

The company in question:  Citimovers (why do they have citibank's logo?)

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.36.12 AM.png

This is the final estimate based on numerous calls and measuring all boxes and bins. The quote should have been accurate. The only things not measured where the tables and sofa, but I described them well, and they supposedly has software to give an good estimate of size for these items.  Some of the items on this list was eliminated by packing in the boxes also.  However, the movers demanded $700 cash from my husband when we were supposed to be giving $500 cash based on this quote. $100 as we new it had been charged to our credit card (we discovered later it had not).  Half the quote in cash or check was required at pick up... Unforuntately, we had packed the check book.  They were hostile and argumentative.  

(including bank statement showing $500 taken from ATM)
I worked with the office after several stressful conversations and some arguing and the deal was struck that husband should pay the $500 and we would pay $746 and drop-off. Cash only.  I chose to get a money order instead. The movers told my husband we would have the items in a few days.  

Transgressions upon pick up of items:
  1. Aggressive and threatening in nature.
  2. Pretending to be unable to communicate to get my husband to sign paperwork without explaining anything.
  3. All of a sudden could communicate well when they tried to demand more money and a tip.
  4. Very slow move supposedly in order to make sure everything was well packed and safe (that was a waste).
  5. Overall unprofessional attitude.  One worker in particular I believe a manager got into a screaming match with me.  The next time I called back, he attempted to provoke another argument.
  6. Tried to charge me $1400, a 40% mark up based on square footage.  Since only 2 items had not been pre-measured, this change was aggregious.
  7. Tried to charge $85 for having to walk further to the truck... they were parked at the end of the walk.. As close as one could humanly get to the back door.  It was not the 50+ feet they claimed.
  8. Final cost was $146 more than the quote, but that was only due to a great deal of negotiation and assistance on my part
  9. Used blackmailing type language and strong-arming tactics, The first manager I spoke to, the one who kept arguing with me told me that they would hold my items in storage unless I paid the higher amount.

It took several more stressful conversations to get an answser on delivery.  The items were finally delivered on the 12th.  

The results were devastating. Everything.  Every case good.  Everything that was expensive.. Was broken. The T’vs I HAD PAID $80 FOR THEM TO CRATE, the sofa, the TV console, the lamp... broken.  A  more detailed description will follow.

But I will pause here to say this. I Don’t feel like the damage was accidental. I feel like it was crimnally destructive due to tense conversations I had had with people who worked there.  I did not lie down and let them walk over me. They retaliated by breaking my items, probably as they moved them into the bigger truck or when they remeasured everything as I insisted to get a more fair quote.  

Transgressions upon drop off of items.
  1. I was promised I would get a call a couple of days in advance of the move. That did not happen, even after me following up numerous times.
  2. Movers dropped things off the truck and whenever I pointed out something was broken they said “i don’t work for this company” or “sorry, not my fault”
  3. Only two guys, one of who stayed in the truck.  He as dragging my items down the full length of the truck, and the other person was dragging my items into the garage.  This is probably why the arms of the sofa are now loose... two people should have been carrying it at all times, if not more.
  4. $80 worth of crating 2 TVs was a holely blanket, a peice of cardboard and some tape.  Yes. Both TVs are broken.

Sofa sectional



ARM SEPERATED FROM SOFA further damage to be assessed.  Hardware seems to be missing.  Purchased 1 year ago. $999 Bella Storage Fabric sectional from 212 modern 244lbs (I witnessed movers trying to move this item without assistance, further damaging it)
$147 would not get close to replacing or repairing this sofa, not to mentiont that as far as I know there is a $70 cap on each item.  Not acceptable.

Floor Fan

After... it’s flat. The dome is damaged, it has been crushed.  $3.00 will not replace this fan.  VALUE $30

Floor lamp

Lamp in far right corner.
Torn apart and dented.  Not reparable.  Stand also no longer stable paid $69.99
22lbs.10 oz one year old. $13.20 will not replace this item

Coffee Table
Damage to coffee table
IMG_4992.JPG Leg gouged... (need to check for more damage)
Purchased 1 year ago at full price $829  120lbs (Melamine and steel)   $72.00 is insufficent comensation.

Console table
Ripped to shreds $199.00 60lbs  $36.00 is insufficent compensationf or breaking this peice that costs over $200.

Small TV
Barely crated at all. $200 TV
9lbs  $5.40 is insufficient for breaking this item.

Large TV
Legs ripped off back of TV. they didn’t bother to screw them off to “crate it” i.e. wrap it in a blanket. $600 TV  32lbs ($19.20 is insuficient compensation for breaking this TV.)

Ice Bucket/Table  (top tray missing?)

This items used to be round... as you can tell by the round thing I placed on top of it (iron ring) that it is now misshapen and the sides are terribly beat up. The tray top is also missing.  45 lbs  $27.00 is insufficient for breaking this item.  This is a rare item and to get anything like it would cost $150.

I had two tea trays... one is Missing:  Here is my receipt for the missing one.

(sales slip omitted)

In summation, these are the items that are broken, damaged, or destroyed. Some of them are not reparable at all.  I WAS NEVER OFFERED full price replacement insurance... I have only heard of this after the fact.  I did however initiate and ask for (COI?) insurance as my apartment building required. The insurance documents are also below.

Based on my calculations, the company is offering me less than $300 for over $3000 worth of items ($3108 TO BE EXACT) , most of which are under 13 months old, seeing as I purchased them a year ago specifically for this apartment.

I feel they owe me replacement cost of the items mentioned PLUS ALL of my moving fees returned because they destroyed the items I spend $1247 to move. The moving company in question has been trying to scam me from the second they got my items on the truck. They were perfectly tolerable and agreeable up until that point.

I feel the damage to my items has been purposefully negligent due to my not folding under the pressure of a price increase. Furthermore, the items I packed in bins are in perfect condition. The items they were supposed to protect for the move... ALL OF THEM, are damaged.

I feel there is a greater liability here.  

Thank you, and I am looking forward with getting this resolved in a more amicable matter than I have been experienceing.

Next step, better business bureau.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

This is DISGUSTING. Such animals they were. You know, if you knew in advance how horrid the movers would be you could give this stuff away and at least know the loss was for a good cause. But here you are, paying them to break your stuff pretty much.

Did they muscle you guys out of a tip too because you felt you wouldn't get your stuff otherwise? I'm really heartbroken seeing these items so I cannot imagine how upset and angry you were.

Ahermitt said...

I did give half the stuff away because I knew it was IKEA quality and that I would not make the trip. Should have given it all away...even could have gotten a tax receipt.

No, they did not get a tip.... nope nope nope.

I'm gonna keep on being real petty about this. Not letting it go.