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Monday, October 03, 2016

Uh-oh Are my kids ever going to leave

It's not like I actually want them to leave or anything...and my daughter isn't really back yet, but, my son has moved comfortably into the basement and set up what looks like a space-age computing system to work on his website and I guess incubate.

I am preparing for my acting/artist/costuming daughter to come home by preparing one of the spare rooms in advance, so it it not just a huge cluttered mess.

So, clearly, they are grown and they either are or are planning to live with us for a while.

Both are considering grad school, but the boy will surely do it online...I don't know about the girl.

And I want them here, I really do... I just don't want to cook for them, or clean for them.  I don't.

Anyway, here's to hoping they aren't officially boomerang kids.

One in five people in their 20s and early 30s is currently living with his or her parents. And 60 percent of all young adults receive financial support from them. That’s a significant increase from a generation ago, when only one in 10 young adults moved back home and few received financial support. The common explanation for the shift is that people born in the late 1980s and early 1990s came of age amid several unfortunate and overlapping economic trends. Those who graduated college as the housing market and financial system were imploding faced the highest debt burden of any graduating class in history. Nearly 45 percent of 25-year-olds, for instance, have outstanding loans, with an average debt above $20,000.

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Nita said...

We have our two oldest college students back at home. However, we are not making it 'easy' for them. They had 6 months to find a job. They have their own rooms - but the rooms weren't furnished by us, they have to furnish their own rooms. After they started work, (I helped them through the job seeking process) they were given 1 month and then had to pay (1) rent (2) their cellphone (3) portion of their cable and wifi (4) portion of water and electricity (5) portion of car insurance. The lesson is, no matter where you live, when you are grown, you contribute. And you will have to be diligent and save up your money to move. (meanwhile: we are putting the money they give us aside to help them when they do move).