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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Strange but true homeschool behaviors

Here are a few of the more interesting things my kids have reported about their homeschool friends (some of them lifted from facebook)

  • Girl finds that someone put $70 Euros IN in her wallet. 
  • A lightsaber duel breaks out in the middle of prom (it was the May 5... National Star Wars Day... May the Fourth be with you... never mind)
  •  One girl has a notebook in which she records the most interesting comments.  Best quote of the year is probably "Who died and made you Jesus?"
  • In a conversation about Ho's vs Bros, it was agreed that once a girl and guy become close, the girl moves from "ho" category to "bro". 
  • There were very few actual dates at prom, most went in groups, and there were at least a couple brother-sister sets.... no one thought it was strange. 
  • The Hunger Games are reenacted for a film class project.... lots of "blood" but no real deaths. 
  • There's a serious discussion about dragons and unicorns in the bible
  • A portable basketball goal was used to adjust stage lights
  • fezes are cool!
  • Kids request facebook friending from their friends parents
We like to keep things interesting don't we



Happy Elf Mom said...

Yay for you going to prom with your kids! It sounds like a lot of fun.

PS. Yes, you should paint a lot more often but I get what you're saying about having free reign. I mean, what if you spend hours and hours and someone just decides it's not their style, yk?

Ahermitt said...

Oh no... I didn't go to prom with my kids... just helped with the decorating. ... and clean up... and transportation... and peeked in the window till I was shooed away. :)

In my experience with painting, businesses trust that you will do a good job by just looking at your portfolio which clearly demonstrates your style.... homeowners get weird though. They will look at Picasso's portfolio, and then demand he paints an Andy Warhol original. Annoying!